SwimEze Ear Drops

SwimEze™ Ear Drops – 30ml


Swim Eze is a unique product, clinically proven to remove trapped water in the ears

swimeze benefits

  • Eliminates the unpleasant symptoms and feelings of trapped ear water

  • Helps divers to equalize and minimises ear pressure discomfort

  • Non – Medicated

  • Evaporates trapped ear water leaving the ear clean, water free and dry

  • Dramatically reduces risk of painful ear infections by removing any trace of water and bacteria

  • Recommended for use after swimming, diving, bathing and water sports

  • Suitable for adults and children

  • Works in seconds

Ideal for trapped ear water from all water sports, general swimming, showering and bathing

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Swim-eze is an ear drying aid that helps to dry water in the ears and relieves water-clogged ears that can cause ear infections. Swim-eze helps to relieve discomfort and the sensation of fullness or hearing impairment due to water clogged ears resulting from swimming, diving, snorkelling, showering, surfing etc. rather than as a preventative measure and so only has to be used if you have a problem with water in your ears.

Dries water in the ears and relieves water-clogged ears, thereby relieving discomfort,
Removes trapped ear-water and eases the sensation of blocked watery ears or hearing impairment.

How to Use
Apply 4 – 5 drops in each affected ear
Swim Eze is safe and is suited for all swimming and water activities including scuba diving.
Swim eze is very effective in preventing ear infections caused by trapped water in the ears. It also helps divers with equalising issues.
Ideal for home or travelling.
Please read the directions for use carefully before using Swim eze

Additional information
Do not use if you have:
An ear infection
Ear drainage or discharge
Pain, irritation, or rash in ear
Had ear surgery


Flammable: Keep away from fire or flame.
Do not use in the eyes.
Do not use if you have an ear infection.
Stop use and ask a doctor if irritation (too much burning) or pain occurs.
Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre right away.


What causes water to be trapped in the ear?

The external ear canal is, in essence, a tube with a closed end. When one’s head goes under water the ear canal inevitably fills with water. Surface tension then causes this water to cling to the walls of the ear canal, causing a blockage.
Why is this water so difficult to remove?

The surface-tension effect makes it very difficult to break the vacuum created behind the trapped water in the ear canal.
How does Swim-eze help this problem?

Swim-eze helps as its powerful surface tension releasing properties can quickly dislodge any trapped water from the sides of the ear canal, allowing it to easily run out.
How quickly does Swim-eze work?

Very Quickly. Usually within just a few seconds after use.
When should I use Swim-eze? and what dosage should I use?

We recommend using around 5 drops of Swim-eze in each ear immediately after leaving the water. We suggest alternately turning the head to the opposite side and trapped ear water will rapidly run out or evaporate away.
When should I NOT use Swim-eze drops?

Although Swim-eze drops are generally safe for use by both adults and children – they should NOT be used if the user has any ear infection, ear discharge, or has a perforated ear drum. It should also not be used on broken skin, or if any pain is experienced. In such cases we suggest you consult a doctor. It is quite normal for some people to experience a mild warming or tingling sensation when using Swim-eze. Please read the box for further details.

What happens if trapped ear-water is allowed to remain in the ear?

Swimming pool or sea water can contain pollutants and harmful bacteria, so if allowed to remain in contact with the ear, this can lead to painful and unpleasant ear infections which could, in turn, require a doctor’s intervention and the use of antibiotics to treat the infection.
What are the Ingredients of Swim-Eze ?

Active Ingredients: Isopropyl alcohol, (95%),
Inactive Ingredient: Anhydrous glycerine 5% base

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