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Welcome to our website. Innova2020 is a British healthcare company based in Yorkshire with manufacturing in the UK. We like to find innovative solutions to prevent and manage current health issues in niche areas.

Our key products are SwimEze, Waxeze, Heeleze Ultra, Safer hands hand washes and in addition we are EU representatives for an Australian range of ENT products such as Flo Sinus Wash, Flexinozzles and Flo baby.

We also have a number of new innovative products in development and coming soon!.

We already have a range of products for sale in pharmacy retailers and hospital’s in Hong Kong, and have Swimeze on sale in the UK through Travel, Dive and Swim shops through our partner CPS Partnership and Ifsogo limited and is available on Amazon and other Pharmacy/Chemist shops on line

We would like to become the best known provider of these niche solutions with our products in shops, supermarket’s and pharmacies initially in the UK and eventually the Middle East and Europe.

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If you need any help or advice on using our products, our dedicated team are here to help via email support@innova2020.com or call 0345 021 0800
Innovative Products
We are British company providing unique and innovative healthcare solutions and products to our customers in the UK and overseas.
A UK Company
Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, we are proud that our healthcare products are designed in the UK to prevent and manage current health issues

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Our products are innovative and provide either unique or improved solutions to our consumers.

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