As a mum you want your child to learn the skills that will keep them safe throughout their lives and swimming lesson were important to us.  As my 6 year old son, developed his swimming and different strokes, this meant constant head tilting and filling his ears with water.  After 2 painful ear infections and visits to the doctor due to trapped water, a swim cap so tight that he and myself hated putting on, along with mouldable ear plugs that kept moving about, swimming lesson were constantly cancelled until I knew my son’s ears were clear of infection.  Always apprehensive after each lesson that he would get another ear infection, I found Swim Eze in our local pharmacy.  This product has proved to be most valuable.  No more tight swim cap or ear plugs that come out, Swim Eze is used after each lesson and only when he says he can feel water in his ears.  The ear infections haven’t come back and swimming lesson are much more enjoyable.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough.